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Did you know 39% of all fresh food is wasted? We are part of the solution We transform food waste into food ingredients We are circular economy Ingredients
Upcycled plant-based ingredients
Feeding the world with natural and sustainable ingredients We are Sustainability We add functionality to your products We are FoodTech


Plant-based Products for the Food and Biotechnology Industries.

Our purpose

Feeding the world with natural and sustainable ingredients.
We add flavour, colour, micronutrients and other functionalities through our natural and sustainable ingredients

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Get in touch with our team and discover recipes with natural superingredients.


We develop taylormade nutritional and functional solutions for your products.

What characterises our products


Our ingredients are manufactured from non-valorised products and by-products from plant origin resulting in a sustainable production of foods.

Local / Natural

All our ingredients are produced
locally at origin, adding value to the
food supply chain.


Improved cost-in-use in your products and reducing supply times and necessary stocks.


Our production process allows for our
ingredients to retain a great amount of
nutrients and functionality from the
original plant.

Discover our plant-based ingredients

100% natural products of sustainable origin.


Natural, sustainable products with specific functionality.

Positive impact for a more sustainable future

- 5991
TN reduction of greenhouse gases
+ 90
TN ingredients produced
+ 1253
TN foods saved

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